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Can I Get a Work or School Permit if my License is Suspended in Connecticut?

First Offense DUI Q & AThe Connecticut DMV grants permits for people whose drivers license has been suspended for a variety of reasons to drive to work, school or medical appointments. A work or school permit only allows you to drive to your place of employment or school and back home. It is possible to get a work permit to drive to multiple locations if the duties of your employment require you to drive. There are several requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for a work or school permit, so it is important to speak to a Connecticut criminal defense lawyer to seek guidance.

If Your License Is Suspended You Can Qualify for a Work, School or Medical Appointment Permit?

Pursuant to C.G.S.§ 14-37a, you can apply for a special work or school permit to drive while you are under suspension, except if your suspension was triggered by a violation of C.G.S.§ 14-215 (operation under suspension) or 14-140 (failure to show up for a court date). Some other reasons while your license may be suspended include but are not limited to:

  • DUI – failing or reusing a chemical test G.S.§ 14-227b
  • DUI – conviction C.G.S.§ 14-227a
  • Evading responsibility C.G.S.§ 14-224
  • Reckless driving C.G.S.§ 14-222
  • Failure to take child seat safety course - C.G.S.§ 14-100a
  • Conviction for DUI - C.G.S.§ 14-227a
  • Failing or refusing a chemical test for DUI - C.G.S.§ 14-227b
  • 4 or more speeding tickets in 18 months - C.G.S.§ 14-111
  • Engaging police in pursuit - C.G.S.§ 14-223
Can I Get a Work Permit if I Have a Suspension for a DUI?

Pursuant to C.G.S.§ 14-227b, if the police have probable cause to make an arrest for a DUI, you are required to submit to a chemical test to check the level of drugs or alcohol in your system. Failure of the test, or refusal to submit to the test, triggers a 45-day license suspension and the requirement to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. (The requirement for an interlock device is for 6 months for a failed test and 1 year for a refusal). Our firm regularly contests DMV per se license suspensions. Read this link for more information about the process of appealing the suspension of your license.

DUI / DWIThe best DUI lawyers in Connecticut will always turn over every stone to find an error in the police paperwork and procedure to contest the suspension of your license for failing or refusing a chemical test. In those situations where there is no legal basis upon which to contest the suspension of your license a Connecticut DUI attorney will advise you to promptly apply for a work, school or medical appointment permit. Time is of the essence as it takes the DMV at least 10 business days to process a work permit application.

Applying for a work permit involves a little finesse to assure the greatest likelihood of having your application approved. There are many factors to consider. The most important consideration to weigh is if you want your employer or registrar at your school to learn of you arrest for DUI or other reason for your license suspension. Since the application form requires that your employer or supervisor must sign off on the application getting a work permit means that you will have to notify your employer about your arrest. Also, the DMV will independently contact your employer to verify that you are in fact an employee in need of a work permit. There are a lot of things you can do when filling out the application to bolster your chances of getting approved for a work or school permit so you should speak to an experienced Connecticut DUI lawyer to get some advice on how to fill out the application.

If you are self-employed you can also qualify for a work permit to be able to drive to your place of employment. You should speak to us about what types of documents the DMV needs to establish that you are self employed and have a legitimate need to receive a work permit.

What Can You do With a Work or School Driving Permit?

The special operator’s license or work permit is to be used to drive back and forth to your place of work during the hours listed on your permit. If you are a student, then you can use the work permit to drive back and forth to school. If you are caught driving beyond the days and hours of your employment or in a place that is not on your way to and from work then you could be charged with a violation of C.G.S.§ 14-125(c) (operation under suspension for a DUI) which could subject you to a mandatory minimum 30 days in jail or C.G.S.§ 14-215 if your suspension is not for a DUI . Also, you can face jail if you are caught driving a vehicle without an ignition interlock device while you are subject to an IID requirement. It is imperative to follow the hours and locations listed in your work permit 100% or you could fine yourself facing a jail sentence and additional periods of license suspension.

Work Permits do not Allow You to Do Everyday Errands

The purpose of the work permit program is to provide relief to people facing a mandatory suspension so they will not have to face losing their job because they are unable to drive to work. The DMV, in its infinite wisdom does not consider going to pick up your children at school or going to pick up groceries as an essential task. This has proven to be very frustrating for parents who have primary responsibility to transport their children for school and activities.

School Permits Are for Colleges or Trade Schools – NOT High School

In order to get a school driver permit you need to have the registrar of your school sign off on your work permit application. High school students cannot receive a school permit. This permit will allow you to drive back and forth to school to attend classes. You can also apply for a work permit on the same application form but each type of application that you are making – work – school or medical each requires a separate $100 application fee.

How to Apply for a Work Permit

The DMV requires that you either mail in or email the completed application. You can not obtain a work permit at a DMV local office. If the DMV denies your application for a work permit there is no way to appeal the denial. For this reason you should speak with an experienced DUI attorney about the best approach to get your work permit application granted. The most important part of the application is to prove what hardship you would suffer if you were not granted a special operators permit and what efforts you have undertaken to find alternative transportation. The process itself is fairly straight forward once you have answered the tricky questions. You have to pay a $100 fee and it takes the DMV some time to process the application so you want to get in your work permit application just as soon as you receive your DMV suspension notice.

You Can Get a Special Operator’s Permit to Attend Ongoing Medical Appointments

A new development in work permits was the legislature expanding the work permit program to include ongoing medical appointments. If you have several doctors you can have them all sign off on a single work permit and get permission to drive to all of your doctor appointments.

Contact a Connecticut DUI Attorney to Help You With Your Work Permit Application!

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