Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Fairfield County Area for Over 25 Years
Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Fairfield County Area for Over 25 Years


"Allan has been my personal attorney for over 10 years. He is creative, had working, dedicated, tenacious, and incredibly reliable. I highly recommend him, please don’t hesitate to contact him for service."

- George K., May 2019

"Attorney Allen Freidman is highly responsive, direct and concise. He executes tasks highly effectively and is forthright with all that is required of his clients. I am profoundly grateful for the privilege of his time and services. I look forward to continuing my education and focusing on the goals necessary to design a great life."

- Jose T., May 2019

"Attorney Friedman did an amazing job on my case. He fought for over a year. He would not give up. I had a bad dui and leaving the accident and he was able to guide me into the AEP program even though the State objected. He is a fighter. His prices are fair. Thank you for saving my future."

- Lusbinn V., May 2019

"I give Allan a 10 out of 5 - he is that good and far beyond excellent !!! Allan handled my traffic matter with the highest level of professionalism, empathy and efficiency that anyone could ever ask for. From initial consultation to final outcome, Allan listened to me and put my mind at ease. He quickly developed multiple options for me and a plan of action to follow with the best possible outcomes. The results of my case were miraculous and by far exceeded my expectations. My recommendation to anyone facing a legal issue is to contact Allan immediately and not waste time figuring out who to hire – trust me on this. This world needs more people like Allan and I’m very fortunate that he made a difference in my life which I will always remember and be grateful for – THANK YOU Allan and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !!!"

- Jose, April 2019

"Not only does Allan give exceptional legal advice, but he also takes the time to get to know his clients on an individual level. He is always available to answer questions, and he is truly dedicated to achieving a fair outcome in each case he is presented with. Knowledgeable, professional & compassionate. Highly recommend!"

- Jennifer S., April 2019

"Attorney Allan F. Friedman recently helped us in getting my case nollied at the first hearing. He is experienced, and strong in What is practices.

I am extremely satisfied working with him and would recommend him highly."

- Akshat P, March 2019

"I had a reckless driving case for running 96 mph on a 65 mph highway down on i84, Atty Allan helped me out to defend my case and I got a speeding ticket as a result. I really appreciate his time and effort to solve the case. I highly recommend you to hire Atty Allan Friedman, you re he is excellent"

- Nick, March 2019

"Prior to hiring Attorney Allan Friedman I was working with another Attorney who was not, whatsoever, well versed in any criminal proceedings even though he claimed and boasted that he was. When I found Attorney Friedman he spoke to me on the phone for numerous hours and ASSURED ME that everything was going to be okay. Somewhat skeptical I decided to do some background information on his credentials and it turns our that Attorney Friedman is one of the BEST ATTORNEYS in Connecticut. He is Well Versed in various types of Criminal and Civil Cases and was able to get my case DISMISSED!!!! I was able to sleep at night knowing I had him on my side. My Wife, Mother, Father, and Brothers CANNOT emphasize and thank him enough for the OUTSTANDING work that he did for me. He made my Felony charges evaporate and was able to show me that there are people out there who are willing to fight in the interest of justice. Additionally it must be noted that his representation and numerous mentions in mass media is due to his Excellent and RELENTLESS work ethic in making sure that his clients get the results they need. THANK YOU ALLAN!!!!!!!!!"

- Omar A., February 2019

"What a wonderful human! Mr. Friedman helped me through my case understanding that everyone is capable of going through something that is a lapse of judgement. Not only did he work with my budget understanding that I was a college grad with little to no income , he was very responsive to my questions, comments, and concerns.

If you’re in the Stamford,CT area and need legal representation , look no further!"

- Myles S., February 2019

"I had a criminal mischief and domestic charge along with a protective order put on me. Atty Friedman successfully got me into the required needed to have these charges dropped. Then came the felony protective order violation...Long story short I walked out of court today with all my charges nolled. Atty Friedman was professional, reachable (even on Christmas Eve), determined and open minded with my case. I can't thank him enough and would highly recommend him for any legal trouble you get yourself into. Thank you Atty. Friedman! I owe you one!"

- Anonymous, February 2019

"Allan was proactive in my case which was a very serious DUI case as a result of an accident and gave me the best possible outcome. I googled dui lawyers in Fairfield county and interviewed 4 of them on the phone. I was very impressed with Allan after our initial conversation and also used his website to educate myself regarding this process. He has a lot of useful law articles on this subject and they were very helpful to understand how he develops his approach. He’s very honest and upfront about possible outcomes and knows the laws and local courts. Highly recommended."

- Anonymous, November 2018

"From the minute I contacted attorney Friedman, I felt comfortable that he was the right lawyer to handle my case. He was very knowledgeable regarding traffic violations. He never made any promises, but instead told me what he felt he could do for me and what the potential outcomes might be (with the best case scenario being a dismissal). Since driving is required for my job, this situation was crucial and could have affected my employment. Atty Friedman was able to get my charges dismissed. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him!"

- Anonymous, September 2018

"This was my first ever dealings with a lawyer. He made me feel at peace. so much it was like I was taking to a family member. He asked a lot of questions . he said Im going to help you get through all this and he did. Allan was very patient with me . thank you so much sir."

- Anonymous, August 2018

"I hired Allan to help me with a very sensitive case. Allan was very understanding yet enthusiastic about making sure things were resolved in my favor. Not having any experience with the legal system myself, Allan went above and beyond to ensure that this was my first and last experience with the legal system, while ensuring this wouldn't stick with me forever."

- Anonymous, June 2018

"Allan Friedman is a great lawyer that means business. He cuts right to the chase and tells you what's going to go down and steps you can take to help yourself in court and in the future. In my case, I got into a car accident and got charged with a DUI with a blood alcohol level nine times the legal limit and he managed to get me into a court program to erase it off my record. He tells you all your options and what would be in your best interest. Amazing attorney."

- Anonymous, September 2017

"Allan Friedman is an amazing lawyer. His attention to detail is top notch. He always answers his phone. He is always the first lawyer to get to Court before they open the doors so your case is calles first and you don't sit around all day waiting. His prices are fair and he gave me great service and attention. Thank you Allan forma great job."

- Jackson, August 2017

"Mr. Friedman was an excellent find for me in Connecticut. I had to travel from New Jersey and he was able to limit the number of appearances to make it convenient for me. He was also able to get my failure to appear, which a crime from 5 years ago, vacated! To top off all that he is extremely affordable lawyer, he will always answer your calls and this was the best service I have ever received from an attorney."

- Anonymous, August 2017

"I had recently hired Mr. Friedman to help me with an Order of Protection from my ex boyfriend whom was harassing me, extorting me and threatening me repeatedly. I had previously written my own Affidavit for a relief from abuse which was denied. Mr. Friedman helped me write an new Affidavit which was approved that same day. Mr. Friedman was extremely helpful, professional and was always on call when I needed him. I certainly will stick with him to make sure my temporary order of protection is granted for the maximum time possible. I certainly would recommend him to anyone."

- Anonymous, August 2017

"Allan always picks up his phone when you need him. He gives you proper advice based on your situation. He never lies to you his honesty is a rare trait!. He tells you the truth and exactly what you need to know to elevate your situation. I am so thankful for Alan Friedman and would recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

- Anonymous, June 2017

"I was under a lot of stress and facing an offer of jail time. Attorney Friedman was always there to guide me, answer my questions and he never gave up on my case. He kept fighting all the way to the end. Thanks to his hard work and never giving up I was able to get into the accelerated rehabilitation program. I would recommend him to anyone. Also his fees were much less than other lawyers I interviewed. All around great experience."

- Michael, T., June 2017

"This lawyer is excellent without doubt a highly skilled advocate. I would never be able to find a better lawyer. He also is not one to lack communication as he easy to reach and always returns emails and phone calls."

- Geoff B., June 2017

"Mr. Friedman got my charges dropped at a reasonable price. He kept me at ease through the entire process and kept me well prepared. I'm a happy customer."

- W. Iglesias, May 2017

"Allan led me through a very difficult experience. It was the first time I had ever been in any kind of trouble and he put me at ease in an otherwise very frightening experience. He walked me through every step of the process and gave me very valuable suggestions to resolve the situation. His fees were extremely fair and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in trouble. Hopefully I won't need to work with him again myself though..."

- V. Lagnese, June 2016

"Very good customer service, fast response, personable, quality work, great value. Highly recommended."

- Y. Asayag, May 2016

"Mr. Allan you help so much with my case your very warm and a good listener for my problem most lawyer wouldn't give the time but here u were on your day off on a Sunday u met with me took my case here I am a free person thanks again and thanks for not charging me a lot of money."

- Anonymous, May 2016

"I had a criminal charge against me which was a felony and Alan Friedman was able to have the entire case dismissed and sealed like it never happened!! If you want to hire the best lawyer in Connecticut call his office, and think no more about it, You will be in capable hands, he even got the judge in my case to allow for me to travel outside the State to Florida while the case was being handled and performed multiple hearings. He is a credit to his profession. Thanks Again Allan."

- William B. Tide, Mar 2016

"I am an attorney and have trusted Al with my personal legal matters. He listens to my needs and gives me honest and realistic advice. He works efficiently and provides me with great value. Thank you Al!"

- Julian C., January 2016

"Glowing Delighted walked out of the system with my pride intact and with no record of the past, like it never happened, wonderful attorney and very pleased with the outcome. Made a FELONY evaporate, trust him and listen to this man, he KNOWS what he is talking about. I remember him when he used to be on Court TV all the time!!!! Thanks Mr. Friedman keep up the excellent work!!!"

- Anonymous, December 2015

"Allan Friedman represent me in court for speeding he was prompt on time , very professional . He told me that he would try to get me to pay contribution which will be no points or moving violations and that is what exactly happens . I would strongly recommend Mr. Friedman to any one who needs help."

- I. Chang, November 2015