Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Fairfield County Area for Over 25 Years
Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Fairfield County Area for Over 25 Years
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Stamford Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Stamford Criminal Defense Lawyer Dedicated to Fighting for You

At the Law Offices of Allan F. Friedman, our objective is simple: to do everything possible under the law to achieve optimal results for our clients. With 25 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney serving Stamford and other areas of Fairfield County, Attorney Friedman understands that it is frightening and confusing to be accused of a crime or even be investigated in relation to a crime. With this in mind, he provides compassionate service and aggressive representation to defendants in a wide range of criminal cases, including:

Attorney Friedman also handles charges such as conspiracy, interfering with the police, probation violations, operation under suspension, breach of the peace, evading responsibility, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespassing. No matter your specific situation, he is here to help you protect your rights.

It is important to fight the charges head-on because the consequences of a criminal conviction may be devastating and lasting. In addition to penalties like jail time and fines, a person convicted of any crime faces embarrassment, potential isolation in society, and sometimes difficulty finding work in certain occupations in the years to come. Long prison terms are possible in some cases, as are tens of thousands of dollars in fines and the loss of certain privileges. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate the legal complexities within the judicial process. You deserve to be defended, you deserve to have your rights protected, and you deserve to get a fair resolution to your case!

Drug Crimes

Like other states, Connecticut prohibits the possession, sale, distribution, manufacture, or transportation of certain controlled substances like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines. As in any criminal case, however, the burden is on the State to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your defense attorney may be able to argue that the prosecution has insufficient evidence to prove one or more elements of the crime. There may also be ways to argue that evidence in the prosecution’s case should be excluded. For example, the police may have seized drugs without having a warrant or another valid basis for their search. This means that the drugs should not be considered by a jury because this would violate the defendant’s constitutional rights.

Since we understand how important it is to act quickly in defending against a drug crime accusation, even if the case is still under investigation and an arrest has not yet been made, we are available on weekends and evenings. In fact, we have a 24-hour/365-days-a-year phone response team that answers the phone if you are under arrest or in a police station in the Stamford area or elsewhere in Fairfield County.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)

Drivers may not operate a motor vehicle in Connecticut while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving is considered a privilege in the state, and anyone who gets behind the wheel is presumed to have given consent to have their blood alcohol content (BAC) tested. An arrest will be made if the driver’s BAC is .08% or above, or if the officer believes that they are impaired based on other indicators. The punishment for a first-offense conviction of operating under the influence may include the suspension of the offender’s driving privileges, the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID), a fine of at least $500, community service, and sometimes jail time. Subsequent offenses and offenses in which another person was seriously injured or killed may result in harsher penalties.

Depending on your situation, however, your DUI/DWI attorney may be able to argue that the charges should be dismissed. In some cases, the police did not have an adequate reason to stop a driver’s car, or they may have not followed proper procedures in administering tests. While a DUI may not seem like a serious crime, it is important to keep your record clean if at all possible, so you should consult a Stamford criminal lawyer promptly to explore all of the options that you may have.

Domestic Violence

Sometimes family situations get highly emotional. If a spouse or domestic partner contacts the police – or if the authorities respond to a call from a neighbor – it is likely that one or both members of a couple, or even a parent or child, may face an arrest on a domestic violence charge. Connecticut has a mandatory “dual arrest” law. A criminal order of protection may even be entered, prohibiting the alleged offender from physically abusing, stalking, or threatening the alleged victim or reentering the family home.

An arrest does not always lead to a conviction, however. The defendant has a right to present their side of the case to the court. Often, these cases depend on whose version of events is more plausible. Stamford criminal defense lawyer Allan F. Friedman is not afraid to stand up to the prosecution and help prove your innocence in an assault, breach of peace, threatening, child abuse, or other type of domestic violence case.

Theft Crimes

There are several different types of theft offenses in Connecticut, including larceny, shoplifting, burglary, receiving stolen property, theft of services, and robbery. The charge and the punishment for a theft crime depend upon many circumstances, including the value of the stolen goods or services, the circumstances surrounding the illegal taking of the property or service, and the defendant’s prior criminal record.

Likewise, the potential defenses available to a defendant are wide-ranging. For example, the defendant may be able to argue that the State cannot meet its burden of proof with regard to a certain element of the crime. Typically, the element of intent is required in a theft case. If the State cannot prove that the defendant acted willfully, this might result in a dismissal or reduction of the charges against them.

Sex Crimes

The broad category of “sex crimes” includes not only offenses like prostitution, sexual assault, rape, and statutory rape, but also crimes in which the alleged victim and the defendant have never met – like possession of child pornography. Defenses like consent, mistake, or lack of intent may be appropriate in some cases. In other situations, police may have entrapped a defendant into committing a crime that they would not have committed otherwise.

The age of both the offender and the victim may be relevant in a sex crime case, as may the alleged victim’s capacity to consent. The nature of the relationship between the parties may also come into play. Sex crimes carry stiff penalties, potentially including registration as a sex offender for life, so it is very important that a person accused of such a crime in Fairfield County retain a tenacious Stamford criminal lawyer who will zealously pursue justice on the defendant’s behalf.

Weapons Offenses

Crimes involving the illegal use of a firearm or another weapons offense are often felonies in Connecticut. Simply carrying an illegal weapon – without firing or even brandishing it – has the potential to land a person in prison for several years. Some of the common charges in this area include the unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or committing a felony while in the possession of a firearm or an assault weapon. The situations giving rise to these crimes are often very complex, so it is critical to retain an attorney who can investigate the details of your case and construct a strategy tailored to them.

Traffic Violations

Even a seemingly “minor” traffic violation may disrupt a driver’s life significantly. Fines, jail time, increased insurance rates, and other consequences are all possible. At our office, it does not matter if a client is charged with a simple speeding ticket or a murder charge. We take each and every case seriously. Any person accused of a crime needs a smart, experienced, and determined professional who will be their rock in a storm. Stamford criminal attorney Allan F. Friedman has spent a quarter of a century achieving successful resolutions for many Connecticut drivers in a variety of traffic violation and other moving violation cases.

Consult an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Stamford or Elsewhere in Fairfield County

At the Law Offices of Allan F. Friedman, we strive to be accessible to our clients at all times, providing each person with a consistently high standard of personalized attention and customer service. We offer a free case consultation, as well as reasonable rates and payment plans in cases in which we are retained. If you need to speak to a knowledgeable Stamford criminal defense attorney or a DUI/DWI lawyer, Allan F. Friedman is here to answer your questions and help protect your future. Call us at 203.515.4110 24/7 or contact us online to schedule an appointment now. We represent people charged with crimes in Fairfield County communities such as Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, Cos Cob, Fairfield, Westport, Wilton, Weston, and Bridgeport.

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A Guide to the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program
Case Results
  • Charges: Operation under Suspension – 3rd time offender; Violation of Probation – Owed one year in Jail
    Outcome: Saved my client 1 year and 90 days in jail – paid a fine and continued probation - no jail on a case that had mandatory jail time

  • Charges: Sexual Assault in the 4th Degree – Class D Felony; Risk of Injury to a Minor – Class C Felony
    Outcome: Case Dismissed

  • Charges: Speeding – speeding during the probationary period after taking driver retraining program conviction would result in a suspension of my client’s drivers’ license which he needed for his work
    Outcome: Charges dropped – saved my client’s license

Client Testimonials
This lawyer is excellent without doubt a highly skilled advocate. I would never be able to find a better lawyer. He also is not one to lack communication as he easy to reach and always returns emails and phone calls. - Geoff
I was under a lot of stress and facing an offer of jail time. Attorney Friedman was always there to guide me, answer my questions and he never gave up on my case. He kept fighting all the way to the end. I would recommend him to anyone. Also his fees were much less than other lawyers I interviewed. All around great experience. -Michael
Mr. Friedman got my charges dropped at a reasonable price. He kept me at ease through the entire process and kept me well prepared. I'm a happy customer. -W. Iglesias
Meet Attorney Allan F. Friedman
With 25 years experience fighting for the rights of those accused of crimes Attorney Friedman never forgets that you are presumed innocent. Attorney Friedman has handled every kind of criminal case from traffic infractions to murder cases. Attorney Friedman stared his practice working in the Stamford and Norwalk criminal Courts and has focused his practice on defending clients in those Courts.
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