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Case Results

Below are selected case results for the Law Offices of Allan F. Friedman – the names of the clients have not been used to protect the confidentiality of the clients. All of these cases are a matter of public record.

Case 14 CR 179 – Violation of Probation
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Probation Terminated after a hearing on violation of probation

My client was originally charged with Larceny in the 1st degree and sentenced to 12 years in jail suspend after 4 years to serve and 8 years of probation with a special condition of probation to pay $148,989 in restitution to the victim over the 8 years of probation . For various reasons my client over a period of 3 years only paid $1,178 towards the restitution owed. The State charged my client with violation of probation for failure to pay the restitution owed or make bona fide efforts to do so. My client was facing 8 years in jail – the balance of the original sentence. Unable to work out a settlement with the State that would keep my client out of jail we were forced to take the case to a trial – (a Violation of Probation hearing). I put together a tremendous defense on a shoe string budget bringing in doctors who claimed that my client was medically unable to work due to health problems what she incurred curing her time in the State’s prison. I also proved that she was being supported by family members and had no source of income what so ever. Finally, I interjected a question that had no simple solution, the fact that the victim – a bank – had written off the debt for tax purposes on its books yet was still seeking restitution from my client. In the end rather than continue a hearing which had dragged on for a few weeks the State offered to terminate my client’s probation and let her walk out of court a free woman in exchange for the payment of a $2,000 fine.

Case 14 CR 127 – Sexual Assault in the 4th Degree – Class D Felony; Risk of Injury to a Minor – Class C Felony
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Case Dismissed

Some cases are truly just really hard to defend and the facts of them make you wonder what the client was thinking at the time. Never the less, my job as a Criminal Defense lawyer is not to judge my client or lecture them on their poor choices but to rather use my brains and my 25 years of experience in the defense of criminal allegations to defend my clients to thee best of my ability and get the best possible outcome. The allegations against my client were as follows: he was a 30 year old supervisor on a Church youth retreat. He somehow wound up sleeping in the same bed with a 15 year old teen aged boy who claimed that my client in the middle of the night attempted to sexually assault him and the 15 year old had to fight him off and run away. My client being an undocumented alien faced certain deportation for these charges if he plead guilty to either of them. I used my vast experience in preparing Applications for the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program to prepare a very strong package of materials to support the Accelerated Rehabilitation Application. I sent my client for an evaluation with a sexual offender therapist who determined that he did not have any tendencies or factors that would indicate that he was a risk factor as a sexual offender. I gathered 10 affidavits from other attendees at the youth retreat that contradicted the claims of the victim and shed doubt on the victim’s claims. I put together a vast presentation as to the good character and life long commitment to service to the community on behalf of my client. It was a very close call and the Judge struggled with the decision but in the end he granted the Application for the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program and just a few months ago my client successfully completed the program and all the charges were completed and his charges were dismissed. Thereafter, we were able to contact some places that had listed his arrest on the internet and force them to remove his name from the internet so there is no trace of his arrest anywhere.

Case 15 CR 106 – 14-215 Operation under Suspension – 3rd time offender; Violation of Probation – on probation for violation of 14-215 Owed one year in Jail
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Saved my client 1 year and 90 days in jail – paid a fine and continued probation - no jail on a case that had mandatory jail time

Client was on probation for operation under suspension 14-215. He had a one year suspended jail sentence. He was caught driving again under suspension a 3rd offense which carries a 90 day mandatory minimum jail sentence. His total exposure was one year and 90 days in jail with 90 days being mandatory minimum. Somehow I managed to catch the State’s Attorney in a great mood one day after trying the same argument about 20 times to explain my client’s foolish mistake. Often diplomacy and cooperation with the State’s Attorney will get you further than being obnoxious and argumentative. I was able to work out a plea bargain in which the State agreed to drop the mandatory minimum jail time; waive the probation violation and have my client simply pay a $1,000 fine.

Case 16 CR 277 – 14-219 Speeding – speeding during the probationary period after taking driver retraining program conviction would result in a suspension of my client’s drivers’ license which he needed for his work
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Charges dropped – saved my client’s license

Client was under probationary period with DMV – any speeding conviction would lead to loss of his license and he would then lose his job. He came to me in a panic. With his horrible driving history including multiple motor vehicle infractions it was going to be a very hard case to convince the State’s Attorney to drop the charges. Using diplomacy and cooperation with the State’s Attorney I was able to get the State to listen to mitigation factors and explain how the loss of my clients license would have a serve impact upon his life. In exchange for a charitable donation the State agreed to drop the charges. This may not seem like the biggest case ever but to my client it made the difference between keeping and losing his job. He was very happy with the outcome.

Case 14 CR 103 – Part A Case – Domestic Violence – Assault in the 1st Degree 53a-59(a) Class B Felony - Five year mandatory minimum; Strangulation 1st 53a-64aa; Class C Felony Threating in the 2nd degree - 53a-62
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: All Felonies dropped – client allowed to plead to one count of assault in the 3rd degree a misdemeanor

Client got into a domestic argument with his girlfriend over allegations of infidelity. He lost his temper and not only strangled her to the point where she almost lost consciousness but he then used a large military style knife to slice up her mattress and punch a giant hole in her wall before leaving her home. Fortunately, the victim began to send text messages to the client. Some of them were boarding on extortion. Over a period of a half hour she threatened him if he did not pay her a certain sum of money for the damages to her home she would contact the Police and “bury him.” Also she stated that she knew all the Judges and that he would “never get out of prison again by the time she was done with him.” Although my client had committed some very serious felonies and was facing a mandatory minimum 5 years in prison, I employed a very aggressive approach to smear the credibility of the complaining witness based upon her text messages. I immediately retained a forensic electronics expert to obtain custody of my client’s phone and conduct a forensic extraction of all text messages and submit a sworn affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the transcript of the text messages. Armed with this data, I was able to convince the State that had it elected to take the case to trail I would have been able to totally tarnish the credibility of the only witness – the complainant. Also fortunately, I was retained immediately upon the arrest of my client as was able to stop the Police from questioning my client so there were no incriminating statements that he had made which could be used against him. As a result of the leverage I had I was able to negotiate a reduction of the charges down to a single count of misdemeanor assault with no jail time and one year of probation.

Case 17 CR 098 – 14-227a DWI; 14-36 No License; 14-222 Reckless Driving
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Granted Alcohol Education Program and Accelerated Rehabilitation Program – all charges dismissed

Client was driving highly intoxicated more than two times over the legal limit and without a license and crashed into a police car. Against the strong objections of the State I was able to successfully argue and get my client entry into both the Alcohol Education Program and the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program which lead to the dismissal of all charges and no criminal record for my client.

Case 1992 – 034 Foreclosure Defense – Appeal to the Supreme Court of Connecticut
Practice Area: Appellate Practice
Outcome: Successful Foreclosure Defense – kept client in home for 8 years

In the Supreme Court Case of Shawmut Mortgage Company vs. Wheat, et al, 245 Conn. 744 (1998) I argued a case of first impression regarding the protection from foreclosure act and whether someone who has never been employed could apply for protection under the act. Although I lost a split decision (with one Judge dissenting who agreed with my position) the case was never the less a success as it accomplished my client’s objectives which were to live in their sea side mansion for as long as possible without paying their mortgage. They were an elderly couple and wanted to remain in the property as long as possible. My foreclosure defense lasted an amazing 8 years before they finally had to leave the home.

Client Reviews
Attorney Friedman is the best!! He was extremely helpful and put me at ease with staying on top of my case leaving me with little to worry about. He is hardworking and was extremely flexible with my work schedule in setting up appointments and phone calls. His worth ethic, compassion, and fair price point really set him apart! Raul M.
Not only does Allan give exceptional legal advice, but he also takes the time to get to know his clients on an individual level. He is always available to answer questions, and he is truly dedicated to achieving a fair outcome in each case he is presented with. Knowledgeable, professional & compassionate. Highly recommend! Jennifer S.
Allan has been my personal attorney for over 10 years. He is creative, had working, dedicated, tenacious, and incredibly reliable. I highly recommend him, please don’t hesitate to contact him for service. George K.
I would highly recommend Attorney Allan F. Friedman to anyone seeking counsel in Connecticut. He represented our family's interests in a very professional, fair and effective way. I would give him my highest endorsement. Greg S.
Absolutely Exceptional Attorney. I give Allan a 10 out of 5 - he is that good and far beyond excellent!!! Allan handled my traffic matter with the highest level of professionalism, empathy and efficiency that anyone could ever ask for… Jose
This man literally saved my life! I had a criminal mischief and domestic charge along with a protective order put on me. Atty Friedman successfully got me into the required needed to have these charges dropped. Then came the felony protective order violation...Long story short I walked out of court today with all my charges nolled. Anonymous