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Reckless Endangerment

Stamford Reckless Endangerment Defense Attorney Reckless Endangerment

Ask any top Stamford criminal defense lawyer and they will advise you that being arrested for reckless endangerment is a is a misdemeanor crime that you have to take seriously because you can face incarceration, a criminal record, probation and substantial fines. Reckless endangerment is an offense that can either be charged as a separate crime by itself or in some cases the Police will add the count of reckless endangerment onto other criminal acts as an up-charge. There are many examples of crimes in which you can be charged with the underlying offence such as drunk driving DUI or risk of injury to a minor and the Police can add the charge of reckless endangerment as an additional offense because you recklessly posed a danger of physical harm to another person. In other situations, such as for example when you brandish a firearm in a crowded area the Police can simply charge you with reckless endangerment for the action itself. If you have been arrested for reckless endangerment you should contact a Stamford criminal defense attorney to go over the facts of your case and review your defense options today.

What Is Reckless Endangerment?

In Connecticut there are two levels of reckless endangerment both of which are misdemeanor crimes. Connecticut General Statutes Section 53a-63 defines reckless endangerment in the 1st degree. The elements of this crime include action with an extreme indifference to human life engaging in conduct with creates a danger of a serious physical injury to someone else. This crime is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of $2,000. Connecticut General Statutes Section 53a-62 defines reckless endangerment in the 2nd degree. This crime just requires a reckless action which creates any risk or injury to someone else. This is a Class B misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of $1,000. It is apparent that this crime is one which can be very easily charged by Police under a wide range of actions and behaviors which create the possibility of a potential (hypothetical harm) to others. The list of possibilities is almost endless but some frequently charged situations in which reckless endangerment are charged involve situations where parents allow teens to engage in drinking and drive away from their home; situations where crazy or reckless driving takes place putting either the passengers in your car in danger or others on the road at risk or harm; street racing; taking off from the Police in a vehicle or on foot and refusing to stop; any type of brandishing or discharge of firearms or BB guns in public; drunk driving DUI with passengers in your car; getting involved in a large fight or brawling conflict and also many domestic violence situations where actions place other family members in danger. All of these situations involve the hypothetical risk of placing others in danger of physical harm and also involve reckless actions and therefore can be charged as reckless endangerment. It is not required that someone was actually injured or harmed, all that is needed under the statute is that your reckless action created a risk of an injury to others. As mentioned above in these situations it is not uncommon for the Police to charge you with the underlying offense such as for example: engaging Police in pursuit or DUI/DWI and add the charge of reckless endangerment as an additional charge. Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest for reckless endangerment you promptly review the circumstances of your arrest with a Stamford criminal defense lawyer to make sure that your rights are properly defended.

Defending Reckless Endangerment Charges

Reckless endangerment is an offense which can leave you with a criminal record and have lasting consequences. Our goal is to use every means legally possible to avoid you receiving a criminal conviction. For first time offenders the accelerated rehabilitation program is often the preferred alternative to resolving these kind of allegations. However, depending on the seriousness of the alleged actions it may require some persuasive lawyering to convince a Judge to grant the program. Read my guide to the program linked above for all the details on how to prepare a top notch accelerated rehabilitation presentation. Because reckless endangerment covers such a wide range of behaviors and actions the best course of action is to call an experienced Stamford criminal defense attorney to receive a free case evaluation and determine what the best defense would be to utilize in your individual situation.

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